Project Pastorate Brief Room#2

It turned out that we somehow came to decorating with that slight slavic touch. Once we had the quasi-gendarme ready, more or less we knew where to go. So, in future of course we will see more of that costume design. 

On the other side, our setting almost has no boundaries as the civilization could've headed basically in any direction after the Apocalypse. In this sense, our hands were untied and we could use some kind of eclectic decoration. In the Pitch for publisher I wrote "The Wire meets Training day with House of cards in the mix" but now I also would include Mad Max + The Wicker man.

That's the "9th Mill" Gangbanger.

In short, this is a story about how a special task force (something between FBI and Inquisition) is fighting against crime and any ideological or religious sedition. It starts as a buddy-movie but then grows into something bigger and deeper. Gradually the Lore started to develop and to encase it we decided to introduce the Velvet book.



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