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Howdy dear ladies and gents. While we're working on the full game to list it asap, I thought that sharing some our pre-pro materials may be fun. (Hope it's not against the rules and if it is I kindly ask admin to redirect me to the better branch).

Brief#1. Fresh start

Few words about myself. I'm an author and have so far published 3 books, here in Russia. Being keen on history, I usually tend to draw my inspiration from the times long gone.  So this project was not an exception in this sense, only this time it's a game, not the book.

We started in February last year as soon as I had the script for the first Episode ready (it's supposed to be episodic project, although there is still a chance that we'll make one whole big 10+ hour game). Back then we didn't really have any visual or stylistic concept in mind. 

That's how the Guardsman looked at first. Well, I mean that's how the artist thought he looked. However I had a different vision. If I knew one thing for certain that was me not wanting your typical, trivial elf-knight-orc-dragon kinda stuff. That's too cliched at the moment, I think. What we needed was some fresh wind, the universe which could resonate in a new way (if that's possible at all).

That's what the Guardsman was transformed to.

That's how the Guardsman looks now.


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