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The First episode is OUT NOW!

Fascinating.  Any chance of getting a Mac version?

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Great to hear from you. Definitely. That's planned.

wow that was something else i really enjoyed the mixed personalities in the characters ^_^ .. waiting for the full game 

Thanx for your vid) Pls tell us what platform did you play it on? "Cos it's not supposed to have these black bars at the sides of the screen.

it was win 8.1 i recorded with OBS my monitor is 1280x1024


Thanx for your reply. Yeah, these black bars may appear on some square monitors - we'll try to sort this issue out.

I enjoyed the gritty atmosphere this game had to offer. It has great story rich elements to it. The only thing was the card battle was super hard! I couldn't figure out if I was doing it right or, what to do in general. Without even a brief tutorial it's really a guessing game until you get it right!

Thanx for your comment! Yeah, battle system seems a bit tough at first but once you figure out what to do - it becomes easier. Just beat opponent's card with your appropriate card and you should be fine)

I wrote down so many card & counter combos and it still wasn't enough. But with faith... I ended up victorious. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thanx a lot for that vid. Really helps us. Good luck with your channel too)

I'm glad you like it. Do you have a release date in mind for your game? 


Yeah. Hopefully in April we're gonna publish the first Episode of the game. Fingers crossed.

Wow, really soon, cool. :) Fingers crossed x 2. 

Hey bud! We released the first ep!

Amazing art, sound design, voice acting, dialogue and atmosphere, this was a really pleasant surprise! My only gripes are with the combat system feeling somewhat random or that the player doesn't have enough information to make an informed decision. Without that, though, this really is a work of art!

Thanx for your comment! It's really important for us to have such kind of feedback. The battle system has a pattern, trust me) Each opponent's card is beaten by one of ours. You just gotta figure out which one. I know it looks like it's a bit on the hardcore side but that was the initial intention. For those who wouldn't like to really dig in it we added the Skip button. However we might think about maybe making it a bit clearer. Thanx again!

Yeah, I had a feeling that there was at least one card would win each time but it seems like there is no effective way to determine which that is each time without already having the knowledge. So for a player with no experience of the card being played against it is essentially random chance until you learn all possible card combinations.

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My only concern at the moment is that maybe we should grant the player 3 lives instead of 2. This way he/she has a bigger room for maneuver, this way it will be a bit easier to try more cards before dying.

Actually it was a real pleasant surprise that someone made a video about PP this fast. That's really cool. Also you didn't get to turn the music on ) It's there, down below in the pop-up menu. If you liked the art-style, you'll probably like the soundtrack too)

Howdy buddy ) We've released the first ep. You're gladly welcome to check it out.

I saw the release on steam! Apologies that I'm in the middle of like four big series right now, everyone and their cats decided to release games this week.

Yeah! Total madness. More than 250 games released in 2 days!